Why work for First African Claddings?

Working for a top company

Helderberg Technology Holdings, the holding company of First African Claddings, is one of Africa’s largest signage and cladding companies. But it’s not just our size that speaks for us. Our company motto – Showing the Way – informs many of our business decisions, from our approach to quality to having an inclusive working environment.   

Well-known brands put their trust in us as their preferred supplier, which is something that says a lot about a company. Take a look at our projects, which shows the quality work we’ve done. What’s more, we have competent, respected and highly qualified staff we’re proud of.  

Best Company to Work For

Every year, Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For survey answers the question: ‘Who are the top-ranked employers to work for?’ First African Holdings  took part for the first time, and we’re proud to say we’ve been ranked the 4th best company to work for in the Manufacturing Industry category for South African-based companies (as voted for by employees).

We entered this survey because we want to keep improving our workplace for our employees. Management needs to stay up-to-date on what motivates their employees and how aligned they are with their values and needs.

Management evaluated the feedback received, and took measures to create an even better work environment.

Aligned Management/Employee Values

In traditional companies, top management determines the values of the company and filters it through to employees. We follow a bottom-up process instead, whereby we put together a list of values and then give employees the chance to vote and determine the top five values.

Our values are:

          1. Respect

          2. Trust

          3. Honesty

          4. Communication

          5. Commitment

Impressive Facility with Modern Technology

Our facilities, layout, equipment and staff are well positioned for effective workflow in the manufacturing process. Our 4 000 square meters facility, modern technology and well-planned layout will not fail to impress you as it provides a comfortable and efficient working environment.


Personal Development/Education opportunities

We love to hear that an employee is serious about their future at AfriClad and First African Holdings, and there are many opportunities for them.

Our Operations Manager, Christian Walser, is one such example. He started off his career working for Gossamer Structures and Kretchmer Engineering as a Technician in 1999, with a CPUT Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He joined FAH at the end of 2000 as a draughtsman, and was promoted to Procurement Manager within six months. During this time he studied part-time and received a Certificate in Management Development and another in Project Management.

After three years, Christian was promoted to Senior Project Manager, and after another six years of valuable experience, he was ready to fill his new role as Production Manager. This was at the end of 2010, but that wasn’t enough for Christian, and after another two years he was offered the position of Operations Manager.

Because Christian proved that he was serious about his future at First African Holdings, we’ve been able to give him a lot of opportunities for personal development and further studies. In 2013 he did a course in Finance for Non-Financial Managers. Today, Christian is a member of top management.


When we did our corporate video, employees were informally interviewed about what it is like, working for FAH. 

Sharing in company profits

In 2003, First African Holdings concluded a BBBEE transaction that saw previously disadvantaged staff take up a 40% stake in the company. Employees working at FAH therefore receive shares in the company, which they can sell when they retire. We thought this a good strategy to look after our employees.

Read more here about how Daphne Joubert and Naties Jacobs recently received generous cheques by selling their shares when they retired.


Involvement in Social Development

It’s well-known that it’s advantageous for companies to be involved in Social Development for BEEE purposes. At FAH, however, we not only hand over money to organisations, but our employees also enjoy getting personally involved in charitable events.

We’re involved in many fundraising events, from offering creative activities to Cotlands children, manning a spinning bike for 24 hours to raise funds for PATCH, to packing and donating 4 320 meals in the Stop Hunger Now project and offering life-changing opportunities in the Pebbles Project.


Social - & Teambuilding Events…& Great coffee

At AfriClad and First African Holdings we regularly have social and teambuilding events. Like the informal Friday boerewors rolls, our themed End-of-Year parties, and our very stylish 15 year anniversary event at Lord Charles. Just something to spoil our well-deserving employees with now and then.

The great coffee aroma when entering the premises in the morning is a definite bonus as well, being well-appreciated by all staff… 60 000+ cups later!

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