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Helderberg Technology Holdings (previously First African Holdings), parent company of First African Corporate Identity, is one of the largest manufacturers of signage products and –services in SA and Africa. They have particular expertise in the retail environment, automotive- and franchise sector, financial services sector and the oil industry. 

During the analysis process they often introduce clients to new technologies and innovations in the signage industry. In most instances technology helps create a better end product and it can speed up production processes and help reduce costs.  During this phase we can also offer assistance with the development of a corporate identity and image. This is achieved by evaluating your existing image and then presenting you with various design concepts that can further enhance your corporate image.

Once the analysis process has been completed and a project blueprint has been drawn up, the project can be priced accurately and the concepts can be passed to the design and engineering team.

Most popular product offers are Pylon-, Shopfront-, Lightbox- and Peripheral Signage.

The Signage Maintenance division aims to prolong the life span of your signage and illumination systems. Investing in the maintenance of your signage ensures that both your corporate brand and branded signage are well protected.

Our company motto – Showing the Way – underpins many of our business decisions from our approach to quality, to the way in which we achieve an inclusive working environment for our staff. 

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