HYUNDAI Cladding

AfriClad put its many years of expertise to the test to assist in reinvigorating HYUNDAI's brand image at one of their dealerships. The result was a spectacular sight - made only possible by our ingenuity and commitment to quality.

Digital Screen - Cape Town International Airport

AfriClad, a division of First African Holdings, was contacted by Kwantum Advertising to clad a digital screen at the Cape Town International Airport.

TOYOTA Cladding

TOYOTA has a strong corporate image and AfriClad met their demands - providing various dealerships in South Africa and abroad with high-finish and detailed cladding solutions to further enhance their brand.

Eden Mall Cladding

We used special die cutting machines to create a unique perforated camouflage pattern to add the finishing touches to the recently upgraded Eden Square Shopping Centre in Phalaborwa.

General Motors Cladding

Being a large international brand, General Motors approached AfriClad for cladding solutions that would fulfil its image policy. Using our premium range of ALPOLIC cladding, we effectively transcended the image of two of their sites.

First African Claddings recently clad the lifts at Clifton Terraces with golden mesh screens.


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