Architectural cladding has been used for many years in the construction and signage industries as it offers numerous benefits to the architect, contractor and the owner over other types of construction material.

In addition to providing a better quality finish and a more efficient construction process, ACM panels allow for greater design freedom than alternative cladding methods.

The environmental benefits of cladding with ACM make it a particularly suitable for use in many green building projects.

ACM panels such as ALPOLIC® have a reduced environmental footprint as they use less material than conventional building products and have also been credited with the globally recognised LEED green rating.

The design - with layers of metal composite materials (aluminium, titanium, stainless steel or zinc) sandwiching a thermoplastic core – affords it a particularly effective insulation properties, while the option of a fire retardant filling makes it suitable for use in all building environments.

The lightweight sheets reduce load on the building structures. This allows for a smaller foundation footprint with consequent savings on slabs, structural steel and concrete. The low weight panels are also cheaper to ship to site than other materials.

As ACM sheets are cut to size in the factory, less job site waste is produced and the panels can be fitted rapidly. On occasion, the need for scaffolding can be eliminated as the panels are lifted by crane and then attached from inside the building.

In addition to offering a completely flat finish with a uniform colour and coating, ACM cladding has excellent weather resistance and anti-corrosion properties

At the end of their lifecycle, panels can be removed from the building structure and recycled.


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