Fibre Cement Cladding


EQUITONE high density fibre cement boards, otherwise known as FCB’s in the industry, are a type of cladding characterised by their durable and lightweight design.

The core material is made up of a combination of high grade cement and cellulose fibres which are combined with water and pressed at high pressure into the resulting boards.

Euro Panels, our supplier of EQUITONE, which is based in Belgium, is the export company of the Etex Group and has research facilities and manufacturing plants all around the world. Euro Panels’ ISO 9001 and 14001 production standards ensure that the highest quality and state-of-the-art cladding and roofing solutions are delivered to its clients.

Their fibre cement boards are exceedingly strong and have multiple resistances to environmental influences such as extreme temperatures, water and growth of living organisms, aggressive air and the outbreak of fires.

Suitable for interior and exterior cladding applications, EQUITONE FCB’s offer great sound insulation and are 100% fire safe (Euroclass A2, s1, d0).

AfriClad supplies and installs two of EQUITONE’s premium ranges of fibre cement cladding, namely Tectiva and Natura (Pro).
The Tectiva range is characterised by having a smooth waterproof finish that is through-coloured, with surfaces and edges sharing the same colour. There are around nine colours in this range and the Tectiva FCB’s have a thickness of 8mm, weighing in at around a light 14.9kg/m2.

The Natura (Pro) range features a permanent anti-graffiti layer that makes the boards stronger and harder than other FCB’s, providing high-impact resistance.

Accompanying a semi-transparent coating for a high-finish is a choice of 37 attractive colours to suit any space.

Natura (Pro) FCB’s come in 5mm, 8mm and 12mm thickness variations and weigh in at between 15.4kg/m2 to 23.2kg/m2.

Both the Tectiva and Natura (Pro) ranges of cladding are easily installed and serve a wide array of applications that include exterior facades, column cladding and interior wall spaces.

EQUITONE high density fibre cement boards are provided with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and are environmentally friendly – moving your business towards a greener tomorrow.

Click here to view case studies on building with fibre cement 

Equitone fibre cement panels on the exterior of a Fiat vehicle dealership in South Africa. Equitone is supplied by Europanels and are characterised by lightweight design and high durability.Equitone fibre cement cladding used to enhance the visually enhance provide added protection to a business premises in South Africa. The fibre cement panels are supplied by EUROPANELS, custom designed and coated with face brick red and grey paint. View of the back area of a building, cladded with fibre cement Equitone panels, supplied by EUROPANELS in Belgium. The exterior has been coated with white paint, with a strip at the bottom painted brown. Exterior wall and underside of a ceiling, cladded with fibre cement Equitone panels. The ceiling is held up by columns and there are three women walking past the building on the side walk. The fibre cement panels are painted white.Fibre cement cladding panels (Equitone) and custom designed cladding on the exterior wall of a Premier Inn building. The custom cladding is painted yellow and the fibre cement panels are painted a grey-blue.


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Fiber Cement Boards